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FATE: Favourite girl vs favourite route

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Interested in knowing how well preference for the three girls maps to preference for said girls' respective routes among FateChads.

Favourite girl:

Favourite route:

Is your favourite girl the heroine of your favourite route?:
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Chapter 7-37: The Lord of the Red Castle out!

A short chapter, released at 7:00, an unexpected hour.
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How do you feel about magic being restricted in isekai?
Would you bow down to the tyranny of the magic janny overlords, or would you fight back against them?
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PuraOre! Pride of Orange

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Would people have liked it more if the idol elements didn't exist? Was the idol stuff a mistake?
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Do you prefer the aesthetics of 90s anime or modern anime?
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Paranoia Agent/Mousou Dairirin

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What did you guys think about it?
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Is Megumin a loli?
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Higurashi Gou

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Why couldn't they just settle their differences with a board game or something? Did Eua really have to beat and rape Hanyuu like that?
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Shin no Nakama

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BIRDIE WING - Golf Girls’ Story

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New original TV anime announced.
First Sora Iro Utility and now this, we've entered the era of original golf anime.
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