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Android 12L Edition

If you're requesting purchasing advice, please provide your country and what carrier you'll be using. Include the features you want, budget, and size. BEFORE POSTING, narrow down your options by using the links below.

>What phone has X and Y feature?
Don't ask, use these!

Good Resources:

>Frequency Checker

>Visual Phone Size Comparison

>Everything rooting and custom ROM related
>Beware carrier variants with locked bootloaders

>A curated list of open source Android applications, tutorials and resources

>Android App compatibility list for de-googled phones

>Recommended Chinkphones

>Post a mini-review of your phone
>Discuss upcoming and current models
>Ask for help related to phones
>Tell us how much shekels you spent on good/bad phone

Previous thread: >>84011944
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Radio Shack 9V power adapter.
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How does /g/ feel about chromebooks? There is a guy selling a Pixel Slate (i5, 8, 128) near me for 275 USD and I'm tempted.
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/pcbg/ - PC building general

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Post build list or current specs including MONITOR
Convenient lister:
Provide specific use cases (e.g. 4K editing, high FPS gaming)
State budget and region

Intel 12th Gen Alder Lake available November. Ryzen 5000 3D Cache refresh Q1 2022. Intel Arc GPU line launching Q2 2022.

HTPC(4K60)/Web Browsing: Athlon 3000G, Pentium G6400/G6405
Budget Gaming: i3 10100/F, i3 10105/F
Mid-range Gaming: i5 10400/F
High-end Gaming: R5 5600X
Mid-range Multicore: R5 5600X, i7 10700/F
High-end Multicore: R9 5900X, R9 5950X

Budget 1080p: Used GTX 1060 3GB, RX 470/570 4GB
1080p: RTX 3060, RX 6600
1440p: RTX 3060 Ti, RX 6700 XT
2160p: RTX 3080, RX 6800 XT

Capacity: 2x8GB or 2x16GB
Speed and CAS Latency: 3200/3600MHz CL16
Beware: Some Intel motherboards (e.g. B460) are limited to lower speeds


Basic Web Browsing: 400-450W
Gaming: 500-850W depending on GPU (aim for 50-75% at load)

Value standouts: WD SN550, ADATA S50 Lite

AM4 B550/X570 - CPU-less BIOS flash feature advisable if pairing with Zen 3


>When will GPU prices go back to normal?
It's normal

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How would you drain a credit card of $25 a day and make it look like a food purchase on the billpayers end without actually ordering food? I'll send a $5 steam game or game token or your choice if you can help, my life depends on this and the card belongs to a crooked woman.
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So /g/, do you shut your PC off at night (or whenever you sleep)?
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>its supposed to be a 'programmers market'
>literally no interviews after weeks of applying
I dont get it, salaries are fucking huge too for engineers with just 2-3 years experience - surely there is enough demand for a cs grad like me to land a first job.
Am I just supposed to lie and study the frameworks hard enough that they cant tell?
What can I do to understand and mimic the nomenclature of people with actual experience?
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// - Friendly Apple General

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AMD Vanilla OpenCore:
OpenCore 0.6.9 - VMware Workstation 16 - AMD Ryzen:

>New to Mac OS?
Q&A Website:
Download a better terminal:
Terminal for beginners:
Comprehensive terminal guide:

>Package Managers

>If you come from a UNIX background
Note that Vim, microEmacs, and Nano come out of the box for editing files. To run programs using X, you need to install XQuartz (recommend way is through MacPorts).

>Useful Mac OS commands

>Assorted list of Mac OS tools
The Unarchiver:

>iPhone / iPad Jailbreak (iPhone 5s - iPhone X, iOS 12.0+) (iOS 13.0 - 13.7) (iOS 11.0 - 14.3)

>iPhone / iPad Sideloading

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after long hours of thinking and careful judgement, i've decided that you guys are retarded. your opinions are shit and none of you faggots have the slightest clue about what you are talking about.

i pity those dumb fucks who take your advice.
after all, it has now become very clear to me that my opinions are clearly superior. not just you but compared to the rest of the tech world, i know things better and all you fags are plain retarded.
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