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bf of magical and mysterious wonders edition
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What type of woman do you have to be to post here? I know many anons probably imagine fembots as cute petite girls. But I've ascending into imagining them all as fat women, this way there's never any temptations.
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>found out through a friend that the group of guys that we hang out with are unironically betting who can have sex with me first
Are guys actually like this? I thought this kind of gross stuff was a meme.
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sex is not important


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It lovely edition
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The real redpill

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The real redpill is this - "self-improvement" isn't something weird, exotic, or unnatural. It is part and parcel of being a human.
>I am sick of eating the same thing, I am going to learn new recipes and cook different food
>I am going to focus on this game until I beat it
>I'm going to learn Japanese
Only the retarded, mentally ill, or people in a coma aren't learning new things all the time.
Focusing on a few areas of self-improvement
>strength, endurance, hygiene, social skills
and saying they are 'impossible' or that only 'genetic trash' would try is a lie. It is an attempt by someone who sucks at those things to prevent you from exceeding his skill levels. Its like trash talking in the voice chat of a vidya, an attempt to unnerve you to give him an advantage.

Ignore the trash talk, stop being fooled that there are things you can't learn or improve.

Who ex-incel here?

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Real reason I was an incel until a couple years ago was because I avoided dating apps and didn't want to put the effort into messaging girls, took a few months of practice til I got regular dates.

I'm average looking btw and not unemployed
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I coomed over this
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I hate evangelical christcuckery do much it's unreal. Gaslighting retards
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